Talks & Presentations

Reach out to Dr. Leisman about giving a potential talk or presentation on a wide range of astronomy topics.

Selected Past Presentations

  • “When Galaxies Meet” – Calumet Astronomical Society, Munster, IN, June 2023
  • “Thoughts on Faith and Astronomy” – River City Community Church, Chicago, IL, May 2023
  • “Hiding Galaxies and how to find them” – Calvin University Colloquium, Grand Rapids, MI, April 2023
  • “Graduate School and Careers” – Lake Forest College Astronomy Club, Remote, November 2022
  • “The Search for (Almost) Starless Galaxies” – Calumet Astronomical Society, Munster, IN August 2022
  • “Big Numbers, the Cosmos, and Us” – Chester State Correctional Institution, Chester, PA May 2022
  • “Steps to an Interesting and Fulfilling Career” – Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN January 2022
  • “Cosmic Quandaries: Ethical Problems in Space” – Washington College (Chesterton, MD), Remote November 2021
  • “Needles in a Haystack” – AAPT (Grand Rapids), Remote, July 2021
  • “(Almost) Dark Galaxies in the ALFALFA Survey” – Hillsdale College Colloquium, Hillsdale, MI January 2020
  • “The Search for Starless Galaxies” – Grand Rapids Amateur Astronomical Association, Grand Rapids, MI May 2019
  • “Harvesting (Almost) Dark Galaxies from the ALFALFA Survey” – Ball State University Colloquium, Muncie, IN February 2019